A strong portfolio showcases your best and most recent work and should include a wide range of subject matter, materials, and modes of expression and process.  We encourage the inclusion of work that provides evidence of exploration with different processes in a variety of mediums.

Be aware that plagiarism is a serious offense and any evidence of such will immediately disqualify the applicant. Incomplete portfolios will be disqualified from the admissions process. Our portfolio submission has three components.


PART ONE: Examples of your Creative Practice

Your portfolio submission must include 10-20 digital images documenting artworks you have completed in the past two years. You should provide examples of work that best demonstrate your skills and abilities in more than one media. This can include drawing, painting, collage, photography, prints, zines, sculpture including carving, clay, beading, sewing and other fibre works, woodwork, performance works, animation, video etc. When documenting your work, make sure to consider what angle you are showing it from and how it is lit. We want to see high quality, clear images of your work

You must also include an image list that includes the title and medium of each work, and short sentence about why you have included it in your portfolio.


PART TWO: Examples of your Creative Process

We would like to see your creative process in action - how you plan, how you record your ideas and inspirations. Your portfolio submissions must include 2-5 images selected from your sketchbook, or some other way you organize projects. Documentation can be of storyboards, writing, research, scraps, collage, quick sketches, sound bytes, vision boards, reference photo collections, lists, screenshots, etc. You can also send us a link to a social media account or blog where you collect reference materials or post process photos.


PART THREE: Written process

Please write a short statement (200-500 words) to give us a better idea of who you are and why you would like to become a student at the Yukon School of Visual Arts. Here are some questions to answer to get you started:

Why do you want to study visual arts? 

What or who inspires you to make art?

What do you want to learn at the Yukon School of Visual Arts?

How do you think making artwork in the Yukon will affect your creative practice?


Your portfolio and portfolio assignments must be submitted by the deadline along with the Yukon School of Visual Arts application form and all supporting materials. Each part of the application must be clearly labeled with the applicant’s name.

If you are submitting your portfolio digitally, please send a link to a Dropbox file to info@yukonsova.ca.We recommend following-up with an email to ensure we have received all of your documents. If you are mailing your application, please submit all portfolio material on a clearly labeled USB stick.