Books and art supplies may be purchased on-site at the SOVA Art Supply Store. Course instructors will provide students with complete lists of required course materials, books and supplies at the beginning of each semester. We recommend that each student budget approximately $300-$500 per semester for textbooks and art supplies. 

TEXTBOOKS: $200 Fall Semester , $150 Winter Semester

ART SUPPLIES:$200-$300/ semester

A $500 security deposit is also required; paid during the first week of school.  This deposit will be returned to students at the end of the school year, provided that the student laptop and all borrowed equipment and library materials have been returned undamaged and in good condition.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: $500 (Refundable)

living in

Dawson City is a highly desirable location to live and accommodations are in high demand. However, as summer residents depart the region in September housing becomes available for the school year. Many SOVA students find it easiest to choose their housing once they arrive in Dawson City, taking advantage of short-term rentals (such as hotels or Bed and Breakfasts) during their search.

SOVA is a community-supported program and as such there are student-housing possibilities not listed publicly online. SOVA maintains an active list of housing possibilities and contact information and we will do our utmost to assist you in your search.

Shared houses or apartments, winterized cabins and long-term bed and breakfast units are among the available housing options. Rental rates are slightly higher in Dawson than in many southern communities. Students should budget anywhere from $600 to $1000 per month for housing. As with anywhere, be sure to ask landlords about any extra costs not included in rent—such as utilities or internet.

ACCOMMODATION: $600- $1000 per month

Prepare for food and household goods to be a little more expensive in Dawson than you might be used to…  A litre of milk costs  $2.99* for example, and produce tends to be more expensive as it travels from far south in the winter months. This is a great reason to get friends and family back home to send care packages!  Eating out is also expensive, and although there are no fast food chains, there are plenty of options for those days you don’t want to cook for yourself!

FOOD: $400+ per month


Luckily, Dawson City is quite small, making it easy to walk pretty much everywhere within the town site in 5 – 20 minutes.

HuskyBus offers service between Dawson and Whitehorse and to and from the Dawson airport until the end of September.

AirNorth flies between Dawson City and Whitehorse and from Whitehorse to outside destinations across Canada.  Connections to other airlines are available at the Whitehorse airport for additional destinations.