Maureen Gruben works with SOVA students

Maureen Gruben and Kyra Kordoski joined us in October as our fall artists-in-residence, in partnership with the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC). Maureen was born and raised in Tuktoyaktuk, NT; she creates multidisciplinary works that share intimate perspectives on contemporary life in the Western Arctic. Kyra, a curator and art critic from Victoria BC, works as Maureen's artistic collaborator.

3D studio students worked with Maureen to punch 10,000 tiny holes in seal skin scraps Maureen recovered from the Tuk landfill- the punched seal skin holes were then meticulously pinned together onto blue construction foam. While they worked together as a group they listened to Tanya Tagaq's book Split Tooth. Thank you, Maureen and Kyra, for sharing your time and knowledge with us. And thank you for the seal skin scraps! 3D students will now be making their own pieces out of the seal skin in response to their project with Maureen.

photo courtesy Kyra Kordoski